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What do mobile millennials want from urban transport (InMotion)

As city populations continue to boom, mobility is increasingly a casualty of urban infrastructure under pressure. How do mobile millennials – one of the most talked about population segments –…

Re-imagining Walthamstow Nightlife (E List)

Walthamstow is undergoing some immense changes, but are we overlooking the need for a decent nightlife and live music scene? Deborah Talbot talks to local promoters and Waltham…

What Brexit might mean for families (

It was that debate with Michael Gove on the EU referendum, the one where he talked about his family’s fish merchant business in Aberdeen being destroyed by EU…

Creativity inside and outside universities (Sociological Imagination)

The Alternative Academia Network will be holding its second meeting on the 14th February 2016. The aim is to discuss how creativity works inside and outside universities. The…

What hipsters tell us about cities [The Unapologists]

Deborah Talbot takes a look at hipsters and asks, from the perspective of subcultural analysis, what exactly are they all about, and should we be quite so mean…

Punk is dead, long live punk (E List)

Article published in the E List p.16-17. Click on link below to read the article.

Why can’t politics be more fun – interview with Bob & Roberta Smith (E List)

See page 16-7 for my interview with artist Bob and Roberta Smith in the E List.

London’s first Open Streets event [The Motherhood]

See online version at the Motherhood.