As it says on the tin, I’m a freelance journalist, researcher and editor. I’m a cities, culture and regeneration specialist, though I work across broader fields such as arts/crafts, sustainability, design, architecture and interiors.

I was an academic for some years, writing three books and numerous research articles. I still do qualitative research (and use it in my journalism), mentoring and report writing, and I’m an enthusiastic if part-time psychogeographer, which helps with imagining spaces and places.

I’m active in my community, helping with communications for local events. I founded and am a director of Wivenhoe Creatives, which aims to promote local creative industries and coworking. I also curate the Off The Rails exhibition space at Wivenhoe Station.

I’m currently working on feature articles documenting the growth of the rural creativity and the artisanal sector in North Essex, Suffolk and beyond.