Is not-London the new London (CityMetric)

The novelist AL Kennedy recently said that “being out of London is the new being in London”. Ironically we were both moving to the same place for largely the same…


On Yer Bike: London’s cycle superhighways (The Motherhood)

One of the interesting aspects of being in London, according to Jonathan Raban, author of the 1974 book Soft City, is trying to mentally encompass, and navigate around,…


Epping Forest and Butler’s Retreat (The Motherhood)

The ancient woodland that is now called Epping Forest once also covered the geographical areas of Hainault Forest and Waltham Forest, and was in fact called ‘The Forest…


The Queen’s Arms, E17 (The Motherhood)

This site has written about the joys of Walthamstow Village, E17, before, and particularly its wonderful selection of pubs that seem to be more than happy to allow…


The Castle Pub, E17 (The Motherhood)

Long before the regeneration bug took over the rest of Walthamstow, Walthamstow Village, or simply ‘the Village’, as it’s known locally, was a small oasis of boutique shops,…


What makes for a resilient town? (Interurban Lines)

It has been difficult in the UK to try and quantify (in a non-numerical sense) the values around which towns are built and made sustainable. A multitude of…


Hackathons: an innovative game changer everyone can tap into (InMotion)

Plenty of people will tell you that big companies can’t innovate. Instead, they say, innovation belongs to startups and disruptive individuals using disruptive technologies (Read full article at…


Brexit…a very British coup (Driftmine)

I wrote this article for Driftmine and it was published on the 2nd June 2016. Was I right or wrong in my analysis? I’ll leave that to the…


The tyranny of time (Driftmine)

In 2014 Paul Kirby, former head of policy development at Number 10, published a blog post arguing that a big election winner could be promising parents to extend…


Charisma (Sorbet Magazine)

An article I did for Sorbet Magazine in it’s ‘Power’ issue (Issue 12). Below is the pre-publication clipping.