Brexit…a very British coup

I wrote this article for Driftmine and it was published on the 2nd June 2016. Was I right or wrong in my analysis? I’ll leave that to the…


The tyranny of time

In 2014 Paul Kirby, former head of policy development at Number 10, published a blog post arguing that a big election winner could be promising parents to extend…



An article I did for Sorbet Magazine in it’s ‘Power’ issue (Issue 12). Below is the pre-publication clipping.

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I’m a feminist mother, but here’s why I don’t like ‘nice’ dolls

I’ve always been a feminist. Growing up in a misogynistic city in the 1970s, where girls and women were judged only by their looks and subjected to anything…


What do mobile millennials want from urban transport

As city populations continue to boom, mobility is increasingly a casualty of urban infrastructure under pressure. How do mobile millennials – one of the most talked about population segments –…


Death, identity and gentrification in Walthamstow, East London

There is a known phenomenon of relationships, called the ‘widowhood effect,’ which is that when one partner in a long-term relationship dies, the other one follows swiftly (Read…

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Re-imagining Walthamstow Nightlife

Walthamstow is undergoing some immense changes, but are we overlooking the need for a decent nightlife and live music scene? Deborah Talbot talks to local promoters and Waltham…

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What Brexit might mean for families for

It was that debate with Michael Gove on the EU referendum, the one where he talked about his family’s fish merchant business in Aberdeen being destroyed by EU…


Breaking the link? William Morris, Walthamstow, and the problem of gentrification

William Morris (1834-1896), noted designer and socialist, spent six years of his life, from the age of fourteen to twenty-two, in what is now the William Morris Gallery…

London from above

In order to preserve communities, not everything can be for sale

London, if not the whole of the UK, is in the oft-noted, midst of a housing crisis. House prices and rents along with them have reached levels of…