Lost governments of fragile reason (Sociological Imagination)

In the eve of the US election result in which Senator John Kerry lost to George Bush in 2004, Jonathan Raban wrote the following in his essay America’s…


Debtonating debt (E List)

My interview with Dan Edelstyn and Hilary Powell is on p.16-7.


Why is nightlife framed as a social problem in the UK? (Interurban Lines)

As is usual over the holiday period and New Year, new documents sealed as official secrets hit the headlines. This year, we got more information about the Thatcher…


Garden villages and groundhog days (Interurban Lines)

Garden villages or settlements are the latest wheeze by government aiming to solve the ‘housing crisis’. There have been six approved already; fourteen more announced this week, and…


The gender pay gap (Sociological Imagination)

In the last half-century, advanced industrial nations have seen immense changes in the position of women in society. They have caught up or overtaken boys in educational achievement….


The return of school discipline – why children should be free (Sociological Imagination)

No, not canes and shouting, but something altogether more subtle and certainly troubling. It has been reported that St George the Martyr Primary School in London  has a…


Alternate realities in the high street – a small psychogeography of gentrification in E17 (Interurban Lines)

Men shout at me as I take photos, the cars disrupt my frame, and the fumes choke my fragile lungs. I see Hoe Street through the lens of…


Squeezing us ’till it hurts – motherhood, discrimination & universities (Sociological Imagination)

The Final Report of the Equalities Review, published by Equalities Commission in 2007, reviewed a range of persistent inequalities including those that affect women. It argued that, ‘…new…


Are micro homes an answer to the housing crisis? (Interurban Lines)

The statement ‘the UK is in the middle of a housing crisis’ has become a truism and something that is seemingly insurmountable. 19% of households are renting privately,…


Is not-London the new London (CityMetric)

The novelist AL Kennedy recently said that “being out of London is the new being in London”. Ironically we were both moving to the same place for largely the same…